Welcome Single Parents after Divorce

Has divorce stopped you from feeling confident, being happy or having financial security?

YOU deserve to be happy, to have fun, to love who you want and feel loved unconditionally.  

You deserve to be 100% YOURSELF and know it’s OK

YOU deserve an abundant life after divorce!

Divorce often is the most crushing experience with long-term effects you ever have to go through. It can strip your confidence, create self-doubt and break your heart.  Literally you feel as though your heart has split down the middle and there’s a weight on your shoulders creating tension and anxiety so you just want to crawl into bed.  Suddenly the friends you had change and feel awkward and you feel completely alone.  Everyone seems to have an opinion and nothing helps.  If you have children you have a whole other issue to contend with!


Despite whatever you currently feel… YOU matter…always remember that!  Emotionally healing after divorce is essential to attract and align with your full potential and to discover passion and purpose.  Once again you will live, laugh, love the way you were born to, it may just take time.  I personally know that having someone to confide in that is not emotionally invested in you, but who has experience and wisdom with the emotional side of divorce is a tremendous help in recovery after divorce.  No matter what the circumstances leading up to, or surrounding your divorce your life, your happiness and your health are a priority.  There is no shame in a marriage gone wrong.  There need not be any blame, as hard as that may seem.  There was no shame or blame in your love and because that love is no longer felt equally is no reason to condemn either person.  What is important is how you move forward and heal after divorce so you can love again.

This is YOUR life, live it whole heartedly in JOY!

I encourage you to get the help you need sooner rather than later. 1 on 1 coaching helps you become aware of the thoughts or beliefs that could be holding you back from letting go of the past and embracing the future. As a divorce coach I understand the emotions you are going through.  I have experienced many of them myself as a child of divorce and then later as a woman with two young children in divorce.  I spent years in self-recovery making many mistakes.  You can avoid these mistakes and move into a brighter, more loving future with my expertise.

It takes awareness, practice and resilience to be in control of your own destiny. You have habits, some good, others not so good.  You have beliefs you may not even be aware of that can sabotage your happiness. Until you are aware of how to change these habits and beliefs to replace them with more empowering actions you will likely repeat what you’ve been doing and create more challenges for yourself.  Life is a series of obstacles and contrast. When you learn to recognize the contrast of what you don’t want, and consciously choose how, or what you do want you gain control. It’s empowering to know how to control your thoughts and actions!  You deserve to feel hot-healthy-happy and in control of the direction in which your life is following.  

As an empathic, compassionate and spiritual coach I take your needs to heart.  I sincerely want you to succeed, feel confident, know what you want and how to get it.  I have the skills and tools to support you who to get results fast and get begin attracting a more positive future where you can love fully, live happy and feel excited each day.  Coaching single parents to recover from the effects of divorce is my specialty and I’m here because I have proven strategies to help you focus on what matters most – YOU!


As a life coach and intuitive, empathic listener and motivational facilitator my passion is to inspire single parents and children of divorce to emotionally heal from the effects of divorce.  I also teach ‘Empowering Women to Happiness’, ‘Discovering 7 Secrets to Happiness’ and have helped many find their passion, purpose and soul awareness by igniting the spark back into their life.



Get a fresh perspective NOW, discover how to shift and create new empowering habits of attraction.  You deserve more! Your life and YOU matter!  The sooner you take action to clear the emotional overwhelm you are currently feeling the sooner you get your life back on track feeling hot-healthy-happy.  

If you have children it is important to inspire them. If you are happy they will be happier. They love you, do you love yourself? When you love yourself, guilt-free with confidence it will re-assure them they are loved.  When you live happily doing what you love you encourage them to live their full potential.  Be an inspirational parent that communicates effectively with your friends, family and children.  Have a career you love that generates a substantial income. Laugh daily, feel awesome and consistently attract what you want instead of what you think you need.  Opt-in for my free book by submitting your name and email at the top right of this page.  I wrote this from my heart to share with other divorced parents.  Some of the secrets are quite obvious but too often we skip doing them.


In coaching with me you can expect:

  • Support and guidance to ‘Discover Happiness‘ quickly after divorce.
  • Learn strategies to unveil the mystery of deep authentic love and appreciation.
  • Feel inspired with deep inner soul awareness – your soul awareness.
  • Receive clarity to eliminate overwhelm, fatigue, guilt and low self-esteem.

You likely hired a lawyer to look after your financial needs of the divorce.  I am the emotional and spiritual professional to help you with your soul needs, to heal your heart and support you moving forward after divorce.

Your Emotional Spirit Needs Help Too!

As parents we aspire to be the best for our children.  We want them to be happy, successful, feel loved and appreciated.  You also need this for yourself!  You need to heal in order to support your children with their emotional needs.

What you do, how you feel, and who you spend time with matters!  YOU matter!  Take what matters and make it count.

                         Be Happy!


My intention as an inspirational heart-happy and spiritual life coach known as the ‘soul whisperer’ is to support you through the personal process of embracing life fully to attract hope, optimism, optimal health, wealth and of course ultimately happiness.

I understand emotional, physical pain, conflict, anger, financial stress and overwhelm after divorce.  I’ve suffered the “effects of divorce” as a child and again as a single mom.  My journey is under the Divorce Recovery tab of this website. What matters is your journey and how you recover from divorce.

Single parents – your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health must be balanced and aligned to feel optimal. You must take care of yourself in order to take care of your children and future success.

I’ve supported many single parents through the transformation of  divorce. You deserve to live as an empowered single parent. Inspire your children to expect respect, honesty and integrity in life.  Divorce is a personal experience that plays on emotions. Recovering with optimism is important.  If you’re struggling you need someone in your corner to support you in the journey.

If you want to discover how to live in maximum health, happiness and wealth you need support through the grieving process before designing a plan of action to move forward with a better life. I can support you with this!  I AM someone who has your best interest at heart, but who is not emotionally involved.  Life coaching has proven to be beneficial and transformational.  Life coaching empowers YOU!

If you want to have self-confidence, live your authentic purpose with passion you need a specific life plan to follow.  I CAN help! Click here for a FREE consultation and discovery session.

I would be pleased to chat with you to discuss how I can support you moving forward living a happier life. You can decide whether or not you resonate with my methodology and experience after the discovery session.  There is no obligation.

Divorce is not the end…it is a new beginning

1-on-1 coaching gives you the opportunity to share your story confidentially. You can brainstorm and feel supported without your friends or family knowing the details. A life coach is not emotionally attached to your past, friends or family.  Coaching gives you a fresh perspective while feeling inspired to make the shifts necessary in healing and to gain confidence. Coaching sets the stage to move forward and attract a more empowering future that brings you and your children happiness.

If I’d known 30 years ago what I know now I would have saved myself years of grief, anger, struggle, financial hardship, low self-esteem and water time on bad relationships.  The wonderful part is you don’t have to struggle.  You can discover exactly what works for you, how to feel abundant in life, finances, relationships, and parenting.  My experience is your benefit.  Coaching is a fast-track way for getting off the tread mill, repeating the same mistakes over and over and getting onto the feel good train.

Get started now by taking action to ignite your sparks of happiness

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I raised my two children for years as a single mom and faced the challenges of job loss, minimal income, some devastating mistakes in an after-divorce relationship and more. I understand and empathize with over whelming feelings divorce can create.  Years of self-empowering courses and training helped me gain self-confidence and make decisions that now allow me to live healthier, happier and wealthier.  I share proven processes that inspire my clients to move forward and create a crystal clear, defined and refined plan for their empowered future.  If this is of interest to you I would be happy to meet and see if you resonate with me. Email wendy@divorcerenovator.com and we can arrange a consultation call.

The internet is full of options.  Video, opt-in boxes with free offers that are simply capturing your information so they can market and send you automated information, but I prefer to connect at a personal level.  If you would like to discuss how you can recover from divorce feeling empowered, learn more effective communication skills, discover options you may not have considered as a single parent then connect with me personally (in North America) by opting in for a free consultation (by skype Internationally) or send me an email describing what you need assistance with.

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