Divorce Recovery One Day At A Time

When any traumatic life event happens in our lives time seems irrelevant. The emotional pain and mind fog holds you prisoner.

If you have feel like the “victim” in the divorce your normalcy that once was has slipped away, and what now is your reality can seem overwhelming and unbearable.  Friends, family, and acquaintances shift from what felt comfortable to pity, rage, criticism and often avoidance. You may feel very alone with little support and who you thought you could trust suddenly isn’t the same person.  Your heart feels broken, your limbs don’t seem to want to move, your head is heavy, and your appetite is gone.  Does any of this feel familiar?  If so, I am here to tell you that you are not alone.  Help is available.  Friends are likely still there for you, they just don’t know what to say, and what they do say is misconceived.

This is when you need professional support.

Divorce recovery does take time.  You have lost a big part of your life.  what you were familiar with, however good or bad, is no longer the same.  Perhaps all aspects of your life has changed, not just the marital status.  Your home, finances, family dynamics, friends, even career aren’t what they were.  Your time is more consumed with legal appointments, managing household tasks and financial needs alone and maybe for the first time.  With children of divorce the family stability seems volatile and scary.

Fear and anger can consume you.

Your friends may or may not be sympathetic, but sympathy is not all you need.  Your childrens’ needs are greater since their emotional set point is challenged and they have fears as well.  Don’t deny yourself the support and help you need to begin your recovery.  The sooner you ask for help and start facing the fact you need support the faster you can gain a brighter perspective and begin to heal after divorce.

Healing takes time, divorce recovery takes time and action.  There is no specific formula for how little or how much time.  Your recovery depends on you, and it depends on the advice you receive.  If your desire is to move forward in your life, empower your children to recover from the changed circumstance, then I urge you to consider coaching NOW.  Call me, get a free consultation, try coaching out, and together let’s get you on the road to happiness.

Find your joy and discover the passion for living

My experience in years of personal development courses, certification in law of attraction life coaching, business coaching combined with intuition and empathy allow me to support you in discovering and clarifying what your life passion and purpose is.  There is life after divorce and I will hold you accountable with staying focused on your progress. If not now, when?

If you, or anyone you know is stuck in the emotional state of negativity, unable to move forward with optimism and hope I urge you to take control and take action today.  Email me, Wendy Mackay at wendy@divorcerenovator.com and get started turning things around.  Also, opt-in for my free ebook by entering your name and email address in the box at the right to learn how to take action with your children after divorce with powerful communication skills.

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